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#3574 Progress bar inverts when selected in dark mode, so unclear bug minor GTK UI 2.0.5
#3575 Multi-selected torrent changes all fields, even unedited ones bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3579 Standalone Mode GTK UI Sidebar becomes unresponsive within hours bug major GTK UI 2.1.0
#3587 deluge-gtk crashes when selecting directories in preferences menu bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3592 Pressing the down button on "Move Complete Folder" crashes GTK bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3620 attempt to remove torrent that is currently moved to new destination results in UI hang bug minor GTK UI 2.1.0
#3622 Tray password bug. bug minor GTK UI develop
#3625 Deluge-gtk crashes when selecting or moving folder bug blocker GTK UI 2.1.0
#2191 Renaming files issue when adding a torrent bug minor Core 1.3.5
#2376 Deluge still announces to trackers even when torrent is paused. bug major Core other (please specify)
#2377 Seed ratio not respected bug minor Core 1.3.6
#2835 Downloading Target With Same Name Corrupts Target bug minor Core 1.3.12
#2862 Merge private trackers if same domain name feature-request minor Core 1.3-stable
#2986 detect already downloaded feature-request minor Core 1.3.10
#3024 Reuse already transferred segments from other torrents feature-request minor Core other (please specify)
#3046 Trackerless/DHT torrents' peers only updated after restart of deluged or adding new torrent bug minor Core other (please specify)
#3047 False warning logging regarding geoip resolution bug minor Core 1.3.15
#3074 Deluged stopped working on debian, "FFI object has no attribute 'new_allocator'" bug major Core 1.3.10
#3086 When I try "move storage" after click on magnet link, it not work bug minor Core 1.3.13
#3106 Checking with large hash size causes OOM condition bug critical Core 1.3.15
#3143 Rename folder fails when old name contains non-ASCII characters bug minor Core 1.3.15
#3144 Recheck does not consider completion move directory bug minor Core 1.3.15
#3156 Settings -> Queue -> Total Active Above 1600 Does Not Increase active_tracker_limit bug minor Core 1.3.15
#3165 "Device or resource busy" on Linux kernel newer than 4.9.0-3 bug critical Core 1.3.15
#3180 Terminating deluge leaves it in an inconsistent state bug critical Core 1.3.15
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