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#3220 Unable to download torrent from Archlinux primary URL bug minor Core other (please specify)
#3550 unable to register forum account bug minor Unknown 2.0.5
#3391 Unable to sort by 'Complete seen' or 'Completed' bug minor Web UI 2.0.3
#3540 unable to update interface in thinclient bug major Core 2.0.5
#3285 UnicodeDecodeError in torrents.state bug minor Unknown 2.0.3
#3241 Using the move file to completed folder on map drive creates new folder structure in target bug major Unknown other (please specify)
#3611 v2.1.1 not allowing new torrent to be saved bug major Web UI 2.1.0
#3366 WebApi.add_torrents(): deferred RPC failure results are not propagated bug minor Web UI 2.0.3
#3367 WebApi.add_torrents(): implement in-stream BitTorrent file uploading support patch minor Web UI 2.0.0
#3619 [Web API] Empty response adding a duplicate torrent bug minor Web UI master
#3535 web.conf base configuration not respected. Documented reverse proxy config only works by accidental misconfiguration. bug major Web UI 2.1.0
#3436 web dark theme support feature-request minor Web UI 2.0.3
#3092 Web GUI disconnection from daemon during torrent removal bug major Unknown 1.3.15
#3594 Web UI can only connect to one daemon at a time but shows both daemon's torrents bug minor Web UI 2.1.0
#3453 Web UI is freezing on Safari when selecting a torrent bug minor Web UI 2.0.3
#3454 Web UI is freezing on Safari when selecting a torrent bug minor Unknown 2.0.3
#3617 Webui password is reset when storage containing web.conf is full bug minor Unknown
#3086 When I try "move storage" after click on magnet link, it not work bug minor Core 1.3.13
#2638 Windows: Multiscreen to Single Screen - Deluge Rendered Off-Screen bug minor Unknown 1.3.10
#3192 Wishlist: Please add support for enabling 'announce_to_all_{trackers,tiers}'. feature-request minor Core develop
#3623 Wordle NYT bug minor Unknown 2.0.5
#3624 Wordle Wordle bug minor Unknown 2.0.5
#3509 Write permission errors feature-request minor Unknown 2.0.0
#3460 XSS via malicious .torrent file bug major Web UI develop
#3274 Error: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request bug minor Unknown 1.3.15
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