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#1677 [lt.sess_set.apply_ip_filter_to_trackers] Add option to apply ip filter only to seeds/peers Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request new 03/31/2011
#1827 Add support for 'Do Not Download' part files Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 05/01/2011
#2028 Don't save state information in configuration files Core master 2.x feature-request new 02/11/2012
#2105 Proxy for http[s] connections (httpdownloader) Core 1.3.5 2.x feature-request new 05/17/2012
#2921 Prefs Manager refactor do_config_set_func Core develop 2.x feature-request new 11/02/2016
#1384 [lt.sess_set.announce_ip] Add option to specify tracker announce_ip Core 2.x patch Cas assigned 10/29/2010
#2209 [BlockList] blocklist ignored on startup Core 1.3.5 Future bug assigned 11/11/2012
#2313 the "Test Active Port" functionality doesn't honor listen_interface parameter Core master Future bug new 04/21/2013
#2350 When re-adding the same torrent, deluge restarts it from zero if you use separate DOWNLOADING and COMPLETED folders Core 1.3.6 Future bug new 07/06/2013
#487 status-bar api Core Future feature-request mvoncken new 09/20/2008
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio Core Future feature-request andar new 10/05/2008
#956 Client account creation with permissions Core Future feature-request andar new 06/06/2009
#1130 IPv6 Interfaces support (daemon,webui,gtk) Core Future feature-request new 01/20/2010
#1165 "Add webseed" option Core 1.3.0_dev Future feature-request johnnyg new 03/02/2010
#1342 Disable Global / Per-torrent tracker support Core 1.3.3 Future feature-request new 08/17/2010
#1479 Different upload speed for downloads and seeds Core 1.3.1 Future feature-request new 01/09/2011
#1511 Swarm Health Based Queue Management Core Future feature-request new 02/04/2011
#1553 Drop idle peers after N seconds Core other (please specify) Future feature-request new 02/21/2011
#1879 Option to add suffix to incomplete files Core Future feature-request new 06/13/2011
#2041 remove empty folders due to content_filename move Core 1.3.3 Future feature-request new 02/20/2012
#2063 Removing extra files Core other (please specify) Future feature-request new 03/28/2012
#2151 Extend option to copy torrent files to a folder Core 1.3.5 Future feature-request new 08/19/2012
#2172 Easier management of the bandwith for uploads Core 1.3.5 Future feature-request new 09/30/2012
#2196 Streaming Playback Buffer Using Piece Deadlines Core master Future feature-request new 10/24/2012
#2410 Auto sub-folder creation Core other (please specify) Future feature-request new 01/26/2014
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