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#3507 AddTorrentError not handled in RPCserver Core develop needs verified bug new 02/15/2022
#3537 Non-ascii state loading fail. Core develop needs verified bug new 07/23/2022
#3539 Tracker error alerts breaks with foreign chars. Core develop needs verified bug new 08/02/2022
#3561 massively parallel "recheck" operations perform far below system optimum Core 2.0.5 needs verified bug new 10/17/2022
#3564 deluged is using 100% Core 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 10/26/2022
#3618 File-priority 'skip' sometimes ignored. Core develop needs verified bug new 12/14/2023
#3629 Zero-length files not accepted Core 2.0.5 needs verified bug new 02/12/2024
#2862 Merge private trackers if same domain name Core 1.3-stable needs verified feature-request new 07/21/2016
#2986 detect already downloaded Core 1.3.10 needs verified feature-request new 03/08/2017
#3024 Reuse already transferred segments from other torrents Core other (please specify) needs verified feature-request new 04/13/2017
#3188 Feature Request: Sort torrents by date completed Core 1.3.15 needs verified feature-request new 07/08/2018
#3192 Wishlist: Please add support for enabling 'announce_to_all_{trackers,tiers}'. Core develop needs verified feature-request new 07/13/2018
#3429 speed limits scale is archaic Core 2.0.3 needs verified feature-request new 08/31/2020
#3555 distinguish between last download and last upload time Core 2.0.5 needs verified feature-request new 09/26/2022
#3569 Blocked on Windows 11 by Smart App Control Core 2.1.0 needs verified feature-request new 11/11/2022
#3609 Add a way to query daemon RPC protocol version Core develop needs verified feature-request new 10/22/2023
#3229 functionality request: Edit Trackers Core master not applicable feature-request new 01/03/2019
#2215 100% CPU utilization more 200+ torrents Core 1.3-stable performance feature-request damoxc new 11/19/2012
#1899 Show an error if disk space runs out Core 1.3.2 2.x bug new 07/28/2011
#1913 pid file created by deluged in config is non-standard Core 1.3.3 2.x bug new 08/05/2011
#2234 Folllow freedesktop specs for files created/stored by Deluge Core other (please specify) 2.x bug new 12/18/2012
#2974 Open connection manager in WebUI Core develop 2.x bug new 02/21/2017
#367 Do not store per-torrent settings that are saved in the resume data Core 2.x feature-request andar new 07/21/2008
#581 Seperate seeding bandwidth limit option Core Future feature-request andar new 11/02/2008
#626 Maintain ratio for torrent above set level Core Future feature-request andar new 12/03/2008
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