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#3254 Migrate Windows version stamping Packaging develop 2.x feature-request new 05/23/2019
#3560 Windows Installer lacks DisplayVersion Registry entry Packaging 2.1.0 Future bug new 10/14/2022
#2667 [win32] Add portable option to NSIS installer Packaging other (please specify) Future feature-request reopened 10/30/2014
#3101 deluge-- (macOS) very slow 17KB/sec Packaging other (please specify) needs verified bug new 08/14/2017
#3354 Consider fixing PPA version Packaging 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 02/05/2020
#3542 mako should be an optional dependency Packaging 2.1.0 needs verified feature-request new 08/06/2022
#3004 systemd services logging to journald Packaging other (please specify) 2.x feature-request new 03/20/2017
#3049 msys/mingw deluge install on Windows Packaging develop Future feature-request new 06/02/2017
#3333 Settings format and location on mac: 1.3.x vs 2.0.x Packaging 2.0.3 needs verified feature-request new 12/06/2019
#2149 deluge ignoring proxy settings Plugin 2.0.3 1.3.14 bug reopened 08/16/2012
#3091 Proxy settings ignored Plugin 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 07/25/2017
#2929 Extractor updating config even with no change Plugin develop 2.x bug new 11/08/2016
#1849 [label] changes are greedy steals all torrents, auto-labeling picks wrong label Plugin 1.3.1 Future bug new 05/11/2011
#3018 error returned to web api wen adding a torrent with a label that has many torrents (500+) Plugin 1.3.14 Future bug new 04/05/2017
#3035 Extractor issues with .rar archives of the same name that have a Subs folder Plugin 1.3.12 Future bug HollowMan reopened 05/09/2017
#2198 one more option to move at ratio Plugin other (please specify) Future feature-request new 10/25/2012
#3195 Execute Plugin will not start another batch file on Windows Plugin 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 08/10/2018
#3304 Autoadd downloads to the wrong folder Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 09/18/2019
#967 Remove/stop torrent after x time seeding Plugin feature-request andar reopened 06/22/2009
#3411 Plugins Plugin 2.0.3 2.0.6 plugin-request new 06/22/2020
#2706 [Execute] Potential issue when removing torrent with data Plugin develop 2.1.1 bug new 12/02/2014
#3069 [AutoAdd] Log spamming Plugin develop 2.1.1 bug new 06/20/2017
#2812 Update Stats plugin code Plugin develop 2.1.1 patch new 04/23/2016
#2167 Newer version eggs of supplied plugins not overriding old version on Ubuntu Plugin 1.3.5 2.x bug new 09/21/2012
#2484 [Blocklist] Whitelist error when saving and blocklist not initialized Plugin develop 2.x bug new 07/27/2014
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