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#1541 [Label] Default label option Plugin 2.x feature-request new 02/19/2011
#1557 [Label] Drop-down for labels in Add-Torrent options dialog Plugin 2.x feature-request new 02/23/2011
#2284 Display to user information about plugins not installed locally Plugin 1.3.5 2.x feature-request new 02/21/2013
#2408 [Notification] Popup Notification for Windows Plugin other (please specify) 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 01/23/2014
#2980 New torrents not getting location settings properly applied Plugin 1.3.13 Future bug reopened 02/26/2017
#852 Ability to rename labels Plugin Future feature-request andar new 03/19/2009
#1482 Tracker specific rules Plugin 1.3.1 Future feature-request reopened 01/16/2011
#1700 Seperate plugins into their own repositories Plugin other (please specify) Future feature-request new 04/07/2011
#1906 [Blocklist] Add Multiple List Input Functionality Plugin 1.3.3 Future feature-request johnnyg new 07/31/2011
#2486 [Label] Network Options for Labels Plugin 1.3-stable Future feature-request new 08/10/2014
#2751 pass LABEL on execute plugin Plugin develop Future feature-request Cas assigned 06/13/2015
#397 per file, per torrent, and per multiple torrent speedlimits Plugin Future plugin-request andar new 07/29/2008
#629 "Find My Downloaded Data" plugin Plugin Future plugin-request andar new 12/03/2008
#2158 remove torrent and data based on seed time and ratio Plugin 1.3.5 Future plugin-request new 09/06/2012
#2181 [AutoAdd] option remove with data at ratio Plugin 1.3.5 Future plugin-request gazpachoking assigned 10/08/2012
#2299 Auto "force re-check" after download completion Plugin other (please specify) Future plugin-request reopened 03/31/2013
#2517 Disk space sorter (for lack of a better name) Plugin other (please specify) Future plugin-request new 10/06/2014
#2725 Plugin to automatically find and configure a proxy Plugin 1.3.11 Future plugin-request new 01/04/2015
#2954 blocklist false positive Plugin 1.3.13 needs verified bug new 01/07/2017
#3118 AutoAdd Invalid options key:owner Plugin 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 10/04/2017
#3371 [Naotification plugin] Broken notifications Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 03/29/2020
#3374 AutoAdd plugin wrongly creates .magnet.invalid using "Add in Paused State" Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 03/30/2020
#3379 Notifications-0.3/...:CoreNotifications._on_torrent_finished_event(): KeyError exception due to incorrect call to torrent.get_status() Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 04/07/2020
#3545 Label plugin doesn't remove deleted torrent mappings Plugin 2.0.5 needs verified bug new 08/12/2022
#3626 [Blocklist] "Session paused always" issue. Plugin develop needs verified bug new 01/31/2024
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