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#3380 Extractor-0.7: delete previously extracted files on torrent removal Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified patch new 04/10/2020
#3382 Notifications-0.3: improve smtplib.SMTP.sendmail() error logging Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified patch new 04/11/2020
#3430 Limit storage usage plugin Plugin 1.3.15 needs verified plugin-request new 09/01/2020
#3174 [Plugin Autoadd] Option to autoadd in subfolders with the torrents for seed Plugin 1.3.15 feature-request new 05/08/2018
#851 Labels can only be lowercase Plugin 1.2.3 2.x patch damoxc accepted 03/19/2009
#1534 [Label] Option for 'move completed' folder to be named using the date Plugin Future feature-request new 02/13/2011
#1013 Disk space checker plugin Plugin Future plugin-request johnnyg new 09/16/2009
#3447 Use another translation platform Translations 2.x feature-request new 01/02/2021
#3177 changer de langue Translations 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 05/14/2018
#3331 Localization on mac Translations 2.0.3 2.x bug new 12/06/2019
#2923 setup.py create translation files for develop Translations develop 2.x feature-request new 11/05/2016
#3475 Deluge in Podman Pod Won't Download Unknown 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 06/22/2021
#3403 Forum registration fails - email never arrives Unknown bug new 06/03/2020
#3116 Adding parentheses to root folder name doesn't update title Unknown 1.3.13 needs verified bug new 09/22/2017
#3361 Deluge 2.0.3 crashes on fedora 31 Unknown 2.0.0 needs verified bug new 02/28/2020
#3451 Deluge error on macOS: File open error - operation not supported Unknown master needs verified bug new 01/26/2021
#3094 Moving files to a folder removes files if they have been moved to the same folder earlier Unknown 1.3.13 2.x bug new 07/30/2017
#1212 Pause all torrents & auto resume after timeout Unknown 2.x feature-request new 04/02/2010
#1360 deluged should announce itself over zeroconf Unknown 1.3.0_dev Future feature-request new 09/12/2010
#2304 [Feature-Request] Reconnect if connection fails Unknown other (please specify) Future feature-request new 04/04/2013
#2440 Stats send to tracker are reset to 0 on pause and quit Unknown 1.3.6 needs verified bug new 03/30/2014
#2833 multiple torrents with overlapping folder structures lose incomplete files when 1st torrent completes Unknown 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 05/11/2016
#2955 File/protocol association fails with non-default client data path Unknown 1.3.13 needs verified bug new 01/08/2017
#2963 Opening ports but refusing to use. Unknown 1.3.13 needs verified bug new 02/09/2017
#3026 System slowdown Unknown 1.3.14 needs verified bug Molcos74 new 04/17/2017
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