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#2115 [lt.sess_set.enable_*ing_tcp] uTP bandwidth management Core 1.3.5 2.1.1 feature-request new 06/18/2012
#2105 Proxy for http[s] connections (httpdownloader) Core 1.3.5 2.x feature-request new 05/17/2012
#2102 [win32] Restoring maximized window from tray is no longer maximized GTK UI 1.3.5 not applicable bug Cas accepted 05/10/2012
#2090 json api get_hosts returns status Offline for all hosts Web UI 1.3.5 2.x bug damoxc new 04/24/2012
#2079 [Label] Filter by Seed Time Unknown other (please specify) Future plugin-request new 04/10/2012
#2070 Webui spinners not validating user entries Web UI 1.3.1 2.x bug damoxc new 04/01/2012
#2063 Removing extra files Core other (please specify) Future feature-request new 03/28/2012
#2059 [lt.sess_set.tracker_backoff] Add support for libtorrent tracker_backoff option Core 1.3.6 2.x feature-request assigned 03/21/2012
#2053 Use client-side caching for webui Web UI 1.3.4 Future feature-request damoxc new 03/13/2012
#2047 Multi-Edit trackers Web UI 1.3.3 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 03/04/2012
#2042 WebUI incredibly slow with 1500 torrents Web UI 1.3-stable performance bug damoxc new 02/25/2012
#2041 remove empty folders due to content_filename move Core 1.3.3 Future feature-request new 02/20/2012
#2028 Don't save state information in configuration files Core master 2.x feature-request new 02/11/2012
#2025 renaming torrent via deluge console Console UI Future feature-request new 02/02/2012
#2018 Ability to save private tracker cookies for future use Web UI 1.3.3 Future feature-request damoxc new 01/17/2012
#2014 Add option to change data rate units from IEC to SI standard Unknown other (please specify) Future feature-request new 01/11/2012
#1999 WebUI uses 100% CPU loading TorrentInfo for thousands of files Web UI 1.3-stable performance bug damoxc new 12/19/2011
#1982 Filter non-paused torrents Unknown other (please specify) Future feature-request new 11/27/2011
#1978 Unhandled console login error Console UI 1.3.3 2.x bug new 11/24/2011
#1962 Upload multiple torrent file at once Web UI 1.3.3 2.x feature-request damoxc new 11/07/2011
#1950 Improve appearance on small screens Web UI other (please specify) Future feature-request damoxc new 10/08/2011
#1931 No warning when binding to configured listening port fails GTK UI master 2.x bug new 08/29/2011
#1913 pid file created by deluged in config is non-standard Core 1.3.3 2.x bug new 08/05/2011
#1906 [Blocklist] Add Multiple List Input Functionality Plugin 1.3.3 Future feature-request johnnyg new 07/31/2011
#1899 Show an error if disk space runs out Core 1.3.2 2.x bug new 07/28/2011
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