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#1896 Resolve Peer Hostnames Unknown 1.3.2 Future feature-request new 07/17/2011
#1879 Option to add suffix to incomplete files Core Future feature-request new 06/13/2011
#1849 [label] changes are greedy steals all torrents, auto-labeling picks wrong label Plugin 1.3.1 Future bug new 05/11/2011
#1827 Add support for 'Do Not Download' part files Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 05/01/2011
#1820 Add checks so that deluge-web and webui plugin don't clash Web UI develop 2.x bug assigned 04/28/2011
#1700 Seperate plugins into their own repositories Plugin other (please specify) Future feature-request new 04/07/2011
#1677 [lt.sess_set.apply_ip_filter_to_trackers] Add option to apply ip filter only to seeds/peers Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request new 03/31/2011
#1601 Reported active torrents during a crash Core 1.3.6 2.x bug assigned 03/13/2011
#1600 When moving a torrent to a sub folder, it starts copying in a loop libtorrent 1.3.2 not applicable bug new 03/13/2011
#1557 [Label] Drop-down for labels in Add-Torrent options dialog Plugin 2.x feature-request new 02/23/2011
#1556 Show torrent labels with console Console UI other (please specify) Future feature-request nick assigned 02/23/2011
#1553 Drop idle peers after N seconds Core other (please specify) Future feature-request new 02/21/2011
#1541 [Label] Default label option Plugin 2.x feature-request new 02/19/2011
#1540 Check duplicate torrents GTK UI other (please specify) Future feature-request new 02/19/2011
#1534 [Label] Option for 'move completed' folder to be named using the date Plugin Future feature-request new 02/13/2011
#1511 Swarm Health Based Queue Management Core Future feature-request new 02/04/2011
#1483 Cross-platform mobile/tablet solution Web UI Future feature-request damoxc new 01/16/2011
#1482 Tracker specific rules Plugin 1.3.1 Future feature-request reopened 01/16/2011
#1479 Different upload speed for downloads and seeds Core 1.3.1 Future feature-request new 01/09/2011
#1471 Add PAM authentification to Deluged Core 1.3.0_dev Future patch new 01/02/2011
#1460 Batch add torrents Web UI Future feature-request damoxc new 12/11/2010
#1458 Options to (un)check all files and set file priorites in Add Torrent Dialog GTK UI 1.3.0 2.x feature-request new 12/06/2010
#1454 memory leak caused by deluge gtk/ui GTK UI 1.3.5 not applicable bug assigned 11/29/2010
#1453 If binding to specified network adress fails, daemon defaults back to libtorrent 1.3.0 2.1.1 bug new 11/28/2010
#1395 Same rank trackers should all be announced Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request new 11/10/2010
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