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#1285 An option to trash/delete the .torrent files GTK UI 1.2.3 Future feature-request reopened 05/17/2010
#1482 Tracker specific rules Plugin 1.3.1 Future feature-request reopened 01/16/2011
#2667 [win32] Add portable option to NSIS installer Packaging other (please specify) Future feature-request reopened 10/30/2014
#2299 Auto "force re-check" after download completion Plugin other (please specify) Future plugin-request reopened 03/31/2013
#884 Deluge (libtorrent) leaves UPnP ports open libtorrent not applicable bug andar reopened 04/11/2009
#578 Setting download directory for multiple torrents should be easier. GTK UI Future feature-request andar reopened 11/02/2008
#3181 Replace Pywin32 Unknown develop Future feature-request reopened 06/03/2018
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