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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#3277 Moving a finished download deletes higher-level folder Unknown 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 06/22/2019
#3094 Moving files to a folder removes files if they have been moved to the same folder earlier Unknown 1.3.13 2.x bug new 07/30/2017
#3028 Moving torrent corrupts torrent pieces Unknown other (please specify) needs verified bug new 04/20/2017
#3049 msys/mingw deluge install on Windows Packaging develop Future feature-request new 06/02/2017
#2511 Multi column sorting GTK UI 1.3.7 Future feature-request new 09/28/2014
#2047 Multi-Edit trackers Web UI 1.3.3 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 03/04/2012
#2833 multiple torrents with overlapping folder structures lose incomplete files when 1st torrent completes Unknown 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 05/11/2016
#3575 Multi-selected torrent changes all fields, even unedited ones GTK UI 2.1.0 needs verified bug new 12/05/2022
#1271 Multi-user extension Web UI other (please specify) 2.x feature-request damoxc assigned 05/09/2010
#2162 Name of "renamed torrent files" in the main UI GTK UI 1.3.5 Future feature-request new 09/13/2012
#3371 [Naotification plugin] Broken notifications Plugin 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 03/29/2020
#3256 need help setting up Unknown other (please specify) needs verified bug new 06/06/2019
#3344 network interface bind, wildcard Core 1.3.15 needs verified bug new 01/14/2020
#2167 Newer version eggs of supplied plugins not overriding old version on Ubuntu Plugin 1.3.5 2.x bug new 09/21/2012
#3463 New geoip discussion Web UI 2.0.0 2.x feature-request new 03/04/2021
#2980 New torrents not getting location settings properly applied Plugin 1.3.13 Future bug reopened 02/26/2017
#3308 New webapi with interactive docs (swagger-ui) Web UI develop 2.x feature-request new 10/16/2019
#2830 No Error Message When Download Directory Lacks Write Permissoin Unknown 1.3.12 needs verified bug new 05/06/2016
#2118 No incoming Connections over SOCKS5 Proxy Core 1.3.5 not applicable bug new 06/25/2012
#3537 Non-ascii state loading fail. Core develop needs verified bug new 07/23/2022
#3465 Non-interactive deluge-console hangs on twisted errors Console UI develop 2.1.1 bug new 04/09/2021
#1215 No prompt if client disconnected from server when torrent added GTK UI 1.2.1 2.x bug new 04/05/2010
#2949 Not connecting to newly added peer libtorrent 1.3.12 needs verified bug new 12/06/2016
#3402 Not downloading Web UI 2.0.3 needs verified bug new 05/30/2020
#2910 Noticable delay between loading torrentview and sidebar upon startup GTK UI develop 2.1.1 bug new 10/25/2016
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