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#2014 Add option to change data rate units from IEC to SI standard Unknown other (please specify) Future feature-request new 01/11/2012
#2334 Add option to GTK UI to startup application with OS GTK UI other (please specify) 2.x feature-request new 05/25/2013
#1327 Add option to New Release notification to ignore Beta or RC versions GTK UI 1.3.0 2.x feature-request johnnyg accepted 07/01/2010
#1471 Add PAM authentification to Deluged Core 1.3.0_dev Future patch new 01/02/2011
#3162 Add passwords support for extractor Unknown other (please specify) needs verified plugin-request new 03/04/2018
#1257 Add resource pre-loading Web UI 1.3.0_dev 2.x bug damoxc new 05/03/2010
#1827 Add support for 'Do Not Download' part files Core 1.3.1 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 05/01/2011
#3455 Add support for libtorrent-2 libtorrent develop 2.x feature-request new 02/17/2021
#3042 Add tags to or mark torrents Unknown other (please specify) needs verified feature-request new 05/22/2017
#2342 Add the ability to drag and drop torrent files into webui Web UI 1.3.6 Future feature-request damoxc new 06/14/2013
#676 Add tooltips for torrents in the main frame GTK UI 2.x feature-request andar new 12/29/2008
#1309 Add torrent added, torrent complete, etc. to info log level Core 1.2.2 Future feature-request Cas assigned 06/07/2010
#3507 AddTorrentError not handled in RPCserver Core develop needs verified bug new 02/15/2022
#1092 Add torrents with different hashes but identical files Core Future feature-request andar new 12/05/2009
#1165 "Add webseed" option Core 1.3.0_dev Future feature-request johnnyg new 03/02/2010
#53 A delete file entry in the right click menu in Files tab GTK UI 2.x feature-request Cas assigned 02/23/2008
#378 Advanced (pieces) progress bar Web UI 2.x feature-request assigned 07/21/2008
#3150 After upgrade to Plasma 5, progress bars are rendered incorrectly GTK UI 1.3.13 needs verified bug new 01/20/2018
#859 Allow to give priority to files approaching completion GTK UI Future feature-request andar new 03/22/2009
#1275 Allow users to have blank/no password Web UI 1.3.0_dev 2.x feature-request damoxc reopened 05/10/2010
#3239 Allow wildcards in console Unknown other (please specify) needs verified feature-request new 02/27/2019
#3030 All torrents are paused Unknown other (please specify) needs verified bug new 04/30/2017
#1127 ALL torrents become paused with no error libtorrent 1.3.3 not applicable bug assigned 01/16/2010
#3322 All torrents disappear occasionally after restart Unknown develop 2.0.6 bug new 11/09/2019
#2438 all torrents for a single tracker give "Error: short read" libtorrent 1.3.6 not applicable bug new 03/27/2014
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