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Downloads occasionally just keep going forever, no increase in % downloaded

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Component: libtorrent Version: 1.3.1
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I have had a couple of downloads that keep downloading data without actually increasing the % completion.

Right now I have a 1.1GiB torrent with 2.8GiB downloaded. It got up to %70 then just keeps downloading without increasing the %, it's been stuck at %70 for many hours. I think it was %71.something then it went to %70 when paused, then %69.6 when I unpaused.

It seems to just be loosing bits, right now watching the counter it is going from %69.6 up to %69.9 and then jumping back down to around %69.6.

The file reads at 1.1G on disk but that might be preallocation, with that said when playing the partial file, the file is missing data but it seems to be that it plays better than a %70 completed file should (although thats just my guess).

Last time it seemed that a force recheck deleted all the data.

I have had it happen about 3 times in the past on older versions of 1.2.x deluge. It doesn't happen too often, maybe once every 3 months?

Removing the torrents and restarting the download from scratch seems to fix the problems.

I remember reading about an overdownloading but being fixed in a previous version, I don't know if this is related to it but I'm on 1.2.3.

Currently I have the torrent paused in my que at %70 in case there is anything I should investigate, although I probably won't keep it around for too long. At some point if there isn't anything else I should try, Ill see if restarting the client fixes it, if a force refresh erases it like last time. If it does, I'll also try copying the file from incoming and overriding it then doing another force recheck.

I can also try updating to the 1.3.0rc but the issue is so long between coinsurances that I wouldn't be able to tell if it gets fixed for a few months.

I have a data cap on my connection, a few GB doesn't matter but if a well seeded torrent was left on at day or overnight it could blow through a large chunk of my data. Since it could cause some major problems (especially for people on small caps I've marked it as critical).

I also believe that the system has had a complete reinstall in the time since I first encountered the issue (although I'm not %100 sure).

Deluge 1.2.3-2~lucid~ppa1 from libtorrent 0.14.10-2~lucid~ppa1 Ubuntu Lucid, 10.04 64-bit

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comment:1 by H3g3m0n, 14 years ago

I restarted the download recently, a week or so later without restarting the daemon in that time period in case it was a poisoned swarm and the poisoners had left or something else similar, but I had the same dropping data % thing continue to happen despite having a good speed.

Then I restarted the daemon, it seems that it was enough to get the file downloading again it had no problems going from %69-%72.

Then I did a force recheck after restarting, the download % wen't from %72 to %97.23, so it seems the data was downloading successfully, just not being counted (also explains why the partial file played fairly well).

I have enabled logging on the daemon, but it could be a long time before it pops up again, and the log file might get fairly big making it unfeasible to just keep logging on forever. Is there anyway to enable debug on the daemon after it is running (I had a go but it seems I was just enabling it for the CLI interface).

I looked at 1.3rc but there are no deb packages, nothing in the changelog that seems related and I don't really want to do a source install.

comment:2 by peterhoeg, 14 years ago

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I have experienced this problem as well on 1.3.0.

comment:3 by H3g3m0n, 14 years ago


Still happening on 1.3.1...

comment:4 by floppymaster, 14 years ago

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I think I have also been having this problem for some time (several months). From a user's perspective, it looks like deluge "forgets" to update the file progress. Often a daemon restart and a torrent recheck will cause the progress to shoot from some low percentage to >90%.

I am running the latest git version (1.3.900-dev).

OS: Gentoo Linux libtorrent: 0.15.4 Filesystem: XFS

If I can provide additional information that would be useful, just let me know.

comment:5 by peterhoeg, 14 years ago

Just a few more observations in addition to what floppymaster mentioned:

On a daemon restart + recheck the progress jumps from whatever it has been stuck at to often > 90%. However, regardless of how much data has been downloaded, it's never 100%. I have had a case with a 550mb torrent that had >2GB downloaded and was stuck at 14% - after the restart+recheck it was 98% done and finished shortly after.

For all the other torrents with the same problem, I've only noticed it when the downloaded data volume > torrent size and again, the progress will never jump to 100 but often in the late 90's.

It seems like there's one piece that gets stuck and confuses the crap of out deluge despite the remaining pieces being ok.

comment:6 by Calum, 13 years ago

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comment:7 by Calum, 12 years ago

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