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Error managing partial download

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I am running I have upgraded from and this was not happening. I have less than 1.6GB free in my hard-drive and i am downloading a torrent that is 8.1GB big. But i am only downloading some file that fit in the 1.6GB, it would not start, (even the files is halfway),

There is not enough free disk space to complete your download. This torrents will be paused Space Needed: 8.1 GiB Available Space: 1.6 GiB

There is enough space for what i need to download, but i think deluge is not considering what i want to download but everything again: this was not happening in Thanks,

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(from the same users who reported this bug) I realize also that when it checks the free space, it doesn't take into consideration the amount of spaced used by the same torrent. let's say if i paused the torrent, it it already downloaded 4.0GB, when I want to restart it, it will check if there are 8.1GB free, not 4.1GB. please try to fix this bug as soon as possible as I cannot download some files when my HD is kind of full. thanks and congrats for the great piece of software you are doing day to day.

NOte: this bug's deluge's version should be changed to 5.8.9

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Keywords: pause added

update: When i get that message saying there is not enough space, the torrent will pause. After that, if i select "Force Recheck" it will recheck it and it will start downloading it. It is a pain in the neck when i choose to PAUSE ALL, beacuse it will have to recheck everything again as it won't start.

comment:4 by anonymous, 16 years ago

I get this error also. I'm using Deluge

When I click Resume, Deluge wants space for files marked as "Don't download" and gives me the error message "There is not enough free disk space to complete your download".

To get around it, I would remove and re-add the torrent. Glad to hear about using recheck.

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see #583.

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