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Add a 'Move Completed' entry to the Add Torrent dialog

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Priority: minor Milestone: 2.0.0
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Currently only path can be set on torrent add, forcing a two step process to edit moveto after the torrent has started..

If a user desires to have a "incomplete" folder for all torrents they must use moveto on every torrent, thus this is a problem.

Marking this a gtkui but it would also be part of the webui

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comment:1 by Calum, 12 years ago

Milestone: Future1.4.0
Summary: Add the moveto field to the torrent add dialog boxAdd a 'Move Completed' entry to the Add Torrent dialog
Version: other (please specify)

comment:2 by Calum, 12 years ago

As discussed in #2012 include a checkbox to disable it, like in Options Tab.

comment:3 by Redsandro, 12 years ago

In my educated opinion, move_completed is illogical when changing download_location for a single download. Hence I think said checkbox should be automatically checked when an alternative download_location is chosen.

comment:4 by lazybones, 12 years ago

Since deluge does not have a global temp option this is how it would logically work in deluge.

However I agree, I much prefer the way clients like transmission work where you have ONE download path, and optional set a temp folder for all downloads.

My download folder for deluge is on local disk for read-write performance, but my move_to complete folder is on a network drive. So the way deluge works this is nessary and thus the request.

comment:5 by Redsandro, 12 years ago

Exactly, there arise problems when a slow move between physical media needs to be done. This is (almost?) always a redundant step, because when you change the physical storage location, of course you don't want to move the download back to the default storage location. This will always be the case - not only in the GUI, and thus maybe this should be fixed in core functionality rather than GUI alone.

This is also discussed in ticket #2012 but rejected.

comment:6 by lazybones, 12 years ago

Yes, the way deluge currently works is very clunky for me since I NEVER use or change my "download" path, it is ALWAYS my temp folder... It is ONLY the the move_to I manipulate on a download to download basis.

I had a forum thread on this and Cas disagrees, so following the established system, at LEAST the option to edit move to on torrent add would help.

comment:8 by Chase, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Added to 1.3-stable fd8dc457f and master 4b75ec5b55

comment:9 by Calum, 9 years ago

Milestone: 2.0.x2.0

comment:10 by Calum, 6 years ago


Milestone renamed

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