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Removing extra files

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This is a feature I look for a long time since I have several thousands of torrents and I try to keep them clean. Neither uTorrent nor Vuze can do it properly.

(It could be possible to do with "copy individual files instead of moving the whole folder" thing too.)

Anyway, I would like to be able to delete any files and folders that doesn't belong to the torrent but they are in the data folder.

You might wonder how can that happen. Several ways. For example when you migrate to Deluge or unrar things or you had fodler conflict or you moved your data several times. Or your computes crashed. It just happen.

Deluge already truncates longer than needed files on re-check to their proper size. This is very wise.

All I need is to remove any files that doesn't even belong to the torrent. It would be nice to have an option that would make re-check work that way.

Please do it. I forgot too much about python to do myself.

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