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[Win32] GUI Gets Lost When Using Minimize to Tray

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Priority: minor Milestone: 1.3.7
Component: GTK UI Version: 1.3.6
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I've been experiencing a problem wherein the window completely disappears after minimizing to tray. I'm not sure what triggers it, but I think it involves using the "show deluge" menu option rather than double-clicking the icon, and it might happen only when the window is already minimized.

When this bug occurs, attempting to restore the window from the system tray causes it to appear in the taskbar window list but nowhere on screen. The problem is not resolved by restarting deluge or the PC.

After some investigation, I was finally able to restore the window by modifying the gtkui.conf file in AppData?\Roaming\deluge. The window_y_pos field was set to -32000. I'm guessing that the field is set to that value in order to hide the window when minimizing to tray, and that for some reason it is not being restored. Aside from fixing the problem itself, perhaps this value should be checked at startup and set to a default value?

Thank you for your time, and for this wonderful piece of software.

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So this is on Windows OS? what version?

We have had reports of the main window disappearing on Windows before and there is an expired ticket #1003 that mentions using multiple monitors, is that the case here too?

There is a workaround from forum:

1. Click on the Tray Icon
2. Shift + Windows Key + Left or Right arrow.

This will move the app to a screen on the left or right. If that does not work try:

Windows Key + Up Arrow

This maximizes the app, and in most cases will reset it to the main screen, if you take it out of maximize it may move back off screen.

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Sorry, yes this is Windows. Client v. 1.3.6, and I'm only using one monitor. I think it may have also happened to me when I was using it in linux, but I'm not sure.

That workaround is a little tough to remember, if it happens to me again I'll just repeat what I did and edit the file.

There isn't going to be a fix, though?

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I have committed a potential fix: [59fa974b3ba]

Without being able to replicate, this is a bit of a guess so will have to see how it goes.

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