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    1 *Not in the core so now relevant? or you can just close this again if you dont agree* 
    2 separate issue separate ticket? 
    4 I left deluge open on one pc with 83 torrents loaded in a paused state and the same on a different pc. Both have the same two patches one for alert timer and one for the "active_xxxx" . The one had 0 plugins and was open for a long time and didnt seem to use any cpu really 1 maybe 2 percent but not consistantly. The other pc had 3 plugins enabled ltconfig label and autoadd. The one with the plugins enabled after ~8 hours was consistantly using 50% cpu. Not sure if this is the way to handle this but it seems the issue isnt related to the other high cpu cases unless it really is the autoadd plugin and they have it enabled too but just havent tried removing it. Still not 100% sure its autoadd but it seems unlikely to be because of a option in prefferences or one of the other two plugins as they dont really do alot. The autoadd plugin on the other hand is constantly running.