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[GTKUI] Add Support for setting anonymous mode

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Priority: minor Milestone: 2.0.0
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Pretty self explanatory. New in 0.16+ is anonymous mode which disables things that may leak privacy related information. Since 1.4.0 is mostlikely to use 0.16 or higher this prefference should be exposed to the user. As is the case in most updated torrent clients.

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anonymous_mode.patch (3.2 KB ) - added by Doadin 10 years ago.
[#2472][GTKUI]Add Support for anonymous_mode continued.patch (2.6 KB ) - added by Doadin 10 years ago.
[#2472][GTKUI]anonymous_mode.patch (3.3 KB ) - added by Doadin 10 years ago.

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by Doadin, 10 years ago

Attachment: anonymous_mode.patch added

comment:1 by Doadin, 10 years ago

Not sure if that second part is right.

comment:2 by Doadin, 10 years ago

Its in 2 parts yes sorry but it is all good now. Should be ready to merge.

comment:3 by Calum, 10 years ago

If this is available through the ltconfig plugin then it's unlikely to be added.

comment:4 by Doadin, 10 years ago

This and the rate_limit_utp are changeable through the ltconfig plugin, but why not merge it? Why make your users add plugins to get options every other client has available by default? Why make it more complex to use. I know "most of Deluge's functionality is available in the form of plugins" is fairly true however by only adding these two options you would have a client that most basic users wouldn't have to do anything, no plugins would be necessary. And i understand not wanting to add things provided by other plugins(redundant) and not wanting to add option from ltconfig specifically but imo these two settings are just a basic part of a torrent client most people are used to seeing with a libtorrent based client and ltconfig should be used not for basic torrent setup but more advanced tweaking.

Edit: Also i agree other than these two options i wouldnt add any more. And also i know you might think well are you not makeing it more complex by adding more preferences however imo by adding these you dont really make it more complex to use you are just providing options. Options that can be left as default. Not everyone wants to add plugins or is willing to compile for changes they want. Also part of the only reason why i use deluge honestly despite its lacking in updates and options like above is because of the client daemon style. And the fact that i was kinda hoping these where just not added because they were not options in libtorrent 1.3.6. Not that i would stop using it at this point, i think with the 2 performance patches i mentioned before that i added to my build recently plus these two the only thing standing in deluges way from being one of the best clients again is the createtorrent adding trackers bug.

*ends rant* *hopes it was a good compiling reason to be (re)considered*

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comment:5 by Calum, 10 years ago

I have not closed the ticket, this particular option may be useful to add, I am simply saying it will be reviewed later as it is in ltconfig just now.

There are other considerations such as my time to review and merge and the other UIs need these new options exposed too.

comment:6 by Doadin, 10 years ago

I understand. And thank you. Also i have tested them and they do work and im 100% willing to add them into the other UIs if i can if that is part of the reason. And i can cleanup the patches too so it would be easyer to merge.

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comment:7 by Calum, 10 years ago

Resolution: Fixed
Status: newclosed

Thanks, added to develop: [184d6be98d], [430f9c01d796]

comment:8 by Calum, 9 years ago

Milestone: 2.0.x2.0

comment:9 by Calum, 6 years ago


Milestone renamed

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