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multi-threaded torrent checking

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from what I can see (please do correct me if I'm wrong and close the ticket), deluge doesn't seem to like using more than one thread to check a torrent even when there are several hundred torrents in the queue. This seems like a waste of resources and time, given that if:the load was spread across more cores, or n torrents could be checked concurrently (where n is the number of threads your CPU supports), or there was a setting to allow you to choose some way to more efficiently use the resources available, Deluge would be several times faster at starting up or adding multiple torrents where the data already exists.

tl;dr: spread checking torrents across available cores

sorry if this is a little incoherent, I've had a lot of coffee and not much sleep

more info on my current system just in case it helps: #deluged --version deluged: 1.3.3 libtorrent:

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This has been asked before and it is something that would have to be implemented in libtorrent. However since I/O is the biggest bottleneck more threads wouldn't help that much.

The adding of torrents that you already have data for is covered by #1294

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