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Add magnet uri support for tr.x tracker

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torrents added using magnet link (copy & paste) in WebUI downloads well, but i can see no tracker in the torrent. the magnet link comes trackers looks like: tr.0=... tr.1=..

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by Xuefer

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:61611835cc5ffad89fc1a296273df2f6fcdfb359&tr.0= after adding, verify it with "options -> edit trackers" and/or "Details -> trackers", just no tracker there

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Using tr.0 is not part of the bittorrent spec:

tr is a tracker url, if there is one. If there are multiple trackers, multiple tr entries may be included.

There is nothing explicitly mentioned in the magnet spec about trackers either. Although it appears that transmission have silently added support for this:

I am a bit reluctant to add support without clarification that this is an actual part of the magnet spec and as such there are no details on whether .0, .1 etc are supposed to represent trackers tiers. The only details I can find on this relate solely to xt. However since Transmission have started a trend and there is a little ambiguity in magnet uri spec, I guess it should be supported.

As we also pass magnet uris to libtorrent, it will also need to be informed of this addition.

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by Xuefer

thanks for clarifying this as request. they also accepted the bug report about supporting tr.0 instead of just tr.1 tr.2 etc.

tr.0 tr.1 are good to support because to generate the link a web site may use the code like this: $url = "magnet://....." . http_build_query(array('xt' => ...., 'dn' => ...) + $trackers), see multiple tr is impossible for http_build_query function

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