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Support reading DHT nodes from metainfo files (BEP-0005)

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Please add support for bootstrapping DHT nodes from .torrent files. A .torrent can contain a 'nodes' key with a list of lists with hosts and ports to UDP nodes who know of clients interested in the file.

This should help with speeding up decentralized torrents who are entirely trackerless.

Secondary, Deluge should support creating torrents with nodes lists as alternatives or supplementary to announce-lists.

From the relevant specification BEP-0005:

“A trackerless torrent dictionary does not have an "announce" key. Instead, a trackerless torrent has a "nodes" key. This key should be set to the K closest nodes in the torrent generating client's routing table. Alternatively, the key could be set to a known good node such as one operated by the person generating the torrent. Please do not automatically add "" to torrent files or automatically add this node to clients routing tables.”

nodes = [[<host>, <int-port>], ["<host>", <int-port>], ...]
nodes = [["", 6881], ["", 4804], ["::1", 51413]]

I’m not aware of anyone distributing metainfo files with nodes. As the legal war on trackers continues, this feature is something that should be ready to use. As an independent content producer, I also find it appealing to use DHT to distribute my own content. However, I would want to provide one good known node to ensure availability and fast first-piece-downloaded speeds.

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This is supported by libtorrent so should just work

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