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Renamed some of the folders I download to. Could not change download target and resume. Changed folder names back. Now almost all torrents have errors

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The headline says the most. I was reorganizing my download folders by changing their names. I expected that changing the download path in deluge-web would help, and it seemed to do that, but when I checked the "checking" queue, nothing was moving around at all. Then I stopped the deluge service, changed the folder names back to their original names, and now almost all torrents are failing without any help from changing download directory or re-checking the torrents. It's simply stuck at 0% all the time now.

I have made sure the permissions are correct, both owner and group (deluge) can write and read to the relevant folders.

Please, how can I fix this?

Or maybe this is the last nudge over to rtorrent...

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The only streams I have in my "downloading" queue are torrents which yet have had no seeders. So there is no data for them what so ever, and nothing preallocated. And also, even files in folders of which I did NOT change the name, torrents are suddenly failing. Is this logical?

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I know this bug was posted here 5 months ago, so this might not help you anymore. But maybe somebody else will find this useful:

If you moved/renamed the download folder outside of Deluge, then changed the settings in Deluge to match the new location and are wondering why Deluge will not correctly re-check the partial downloads, do the following:

  1. Quit Deluge
  2. Either delete ~/.config/deluge/state/torrents.fastresume or rename it to (e.g. torrents.fastresume.old)
  3. Start Deluge
  4. Force Re-Check the torrents

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