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    1 *just to clarify, the link for killswitch setup also links to Windows firewall setup instructions so don't need to use commodo. 
     1*just to clarify, this can be done without commodo using win7 native firewall. 
     4I thought the link I posted above also linked to it but looks like only their commodo instructions are still active (win7 firewall link is dead). 
     6Here is an alternate guide: 
     9I have also confirmed both issues under both firewalls. I should probably mention that I am just using default PIA OpenVPN settings + scripts. 
     11I am using the strong config [] but have confirmed the same behavior under the regular one as well []. Other applications that have identical firewall config to Deluge behave correctly. '''On my firewall logs, I can see that on deluge launch, it tries to making an outbound TCP connection from 127.0.01:50574 to 127.0.01:50573 which gets blocked and then deluge appears to exit immediately after.''' This only seems to be an issue for Deluge, but I will try to investigate this further to rule out any config problems on my end and report back. I did already try making a rule to allow TCP+UDP (as opposed to just IP) as long as it goes through my VPN adapter, but no dice. 
     13I think my Deluge network settings are using defaults, but just in case I changed something and forgot about it, see below. 
     16Bandwidth and Proxy settings should be default. I am using VPN rather than Proxy as I felt this was the more secure route. I don't use NAT or UPNP as I didn't like the certain security aspects of those configurations. As I mention above, everything works fine except initial startup and automatic adding of magnet links (unless firewall is disabled). 
     18====================== Deluge Network Preferences ====================== 
     23[ ] Use Random Ports 
     24From 56881 to 58008 
     27[ ] Use Random Ports 
     28From 50000 to 59999 
     31- have tried lots of stuff here including "eth0", "my-tap" (renamed adapter to this), the adapter guid as reported by OpenVPN log, MAC address (hyphens), MAC address (colons), static IP address associated with VPN's MAC, etc 
     32- currently blank 
     34Peer TOS Byte: 
     37Network Extras: 
     38[ ] UPnP 
     39[x] LSD 
     40[ ] NAT-PMP 
     41[x] DHT 
     42[x] Peer Exchange 
     47Level=Full Stream 
     48[x] Encrypt entire stream