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Deluge Multi-Localuser

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Hi, im not trying to configure multiple deluge daemons on the one server, im just wanting multiple local linux users to auto login to deluge.

[root@DarkPi? deluge]# cat auth localclient:04e0fca8f0651d6771e37e3f43ce7e8fad593b5b:10 localclient:98786444978a254c1be6b25a99c35b717224082f:10 darkvirus:NOTMYPASSWORD:10

The first localclient is my user account, and the second is a friends user account, we SSH to this linux box, but he has to run deluge-console and then connect localhost user pass instead of auto logging in.

Is this possible and im doing something wrong, or can only one localclient entry exist?

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