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System slowdown

Reported by: Molcos74 Owned by: Molcos74
Priority: major Milestone: needs verified
Component: Unknown Version: 1.3.14
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For the last month I have been encountering a crippling system slowdown which seems to be caused by Deluge.I first encountered this about a month ago.After a few uninstallation andre-installations I seemed to have got it back to running normally not causing me any problems.Yesterday My Ui would'nt initialise to the point where i could see the torrents or actually do anything with deluge.After a few hours of trying things I decided to uninstall it and reinstall.Doing that Got The UI working again but I have now got back the system wide slowdown annoyance caused seemingly by Deluge.No matter what I do , it is affected by stutters and glitches.All of which vanish as soon as I close deluge.Is there any solution to fixing this? I have even set priority to low in the task manager and only allowed 2 CPUs out of my 6 CPUS to work hoping the other 4 would be ok to let me do other things whilst seeding on my PC .It didnt.I have even tried using razer cortex to constrain needless things in the background from running just so I can watch a video off my hard drive .Even with that on my video is stuttery , and the sound glitchy .Is there any solutionto this as I have read elsewhere that deluge is known to do this when it is seeding around 1000 torents.I really need it to be able to handle a 1000 and more with no problems. Also is it possible to transplant deluge files to another torrent program if their is no solution to this ?

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