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Read file with patch to save space

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Hi all!

Well, the idea is basically, if we have a file what we want seed from a torrent, but we know that file is constructed with a file we have with a patch (like a xdelta patch for example, or the common patch file), can configure it to read the file with the patch and save space.

Actually we share a lot of things, and very big files, but, a lot of times we have a version of a file (we need that version), and the difference between our version and the torrent is very lower, but have both of files duplicates te space we need, so the idea is have the version we need, and can share using the patch file to read.

A real example, the super video files!, there we have the video part, audio, and subs, for example, some torrents have a mkv file with the audio and video, but if i download it, and i make some subs and remux the file, now we will have 2 big files to share, so, with this, i can make a patch from one version to other, and load it to deluge (don't construct again the new file, only change how read it with the patch), and save space.

This can sound like we can't save to much space, but this happen a lot, i have for example a torrent of 100gb, and other that is the same with a remux with subs, and i need 200gb for that, while the patches are less than 10mb, and this is only 1 torrent, and obvs we have a lot of it.

An extra idea, maybe related to this, if make a "conf file", that can say, "this torrent is constructed with this files with this patches", only to automate this, or something, only an idea.


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