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[WebUI] Upgrade ExtJS library

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Currently, the WebUI is running using ExtJS 3.4.0. As this library is very old (current version is 6.0.2), we should upgrade it.
I saw there is a branch for upgrading to the 4th version of ExtJS but the last commint in it was made long time ago (3-4 years ago).

So, now comes the big question:
Should we stick with ExtJS or move to another Front-End library?

Any ideas? Suggestion?

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A good question and as you can see some effort was made to try to upgrade it before. Unfortunately, it stalled as ExtJS is complex and the switch from Ext3 to Ext4 is hard. Although ExtJS is powerful and a great looking UI, it is a pain to develop with so yes replacing it is my vision.

One major issue is that any change to the framework will break all plugins in WebUI, that are not easy to write, so any upgrade has to have benefits to breaking that ecosystem.

This is the same issue that faces Gtk (GTK2) interface and my thoughts for that are to fork that code and create a separate Gtk3 UI. Not sure if can do the same with WebUI as the framework is tightly coupled with the API and server.

I have been thinking on and off about what to replace ExtJS with. It would need to be something popular and easy to implement. Perhaps React with react-desktop?

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comment:3 Changed 12 months ago by DjLegolas

Hmm, I heard about Vue.js and it seem pretty nice.
So I tried to start using it in deluge, but the "problem" with it is the need of ES6 which I didn't managed to resolve yet.

Anyway, we should decide regarding the design of the UI.
Will it be the same as the current UI or not? Should it be mobile friendly?

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