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#3192 new feature-request

Wishlist: Please add support for enabling 'announce_to_all_{trackers,tiers}'.

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Please kindly consider adding a new option for enabling libtorrent's 'announce to all trackers' and 'announce_to_all_tiers', just like utorrent and qbittorrent etc., so we don't need ltplugin just for that pretty standard option. Sometimes there's only 1 seed in the first tracker queried, while e.g. 50 in the next, so without this option you have a serious disadvantage compared to qbittorrent and utorrent etc. Thanks in advance.

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by mhertz

Ohh, sorry, while you're at it(if accepted?), then qbittorrent recently added another option for setting mixed-mode libtorrent-setting to either prefer TCP or uTP or both, as there's issue's for many with uTP as the congestion-control algorithm is kinda buggy in certain cases, e.g. for VPN users but also many other places e.g. i've read several reports of people getting only 10% of there speed with deluge because of this, and using ltplugin fixes it, and so instead of completely disabling uTP we could favor TCP instead to stay compatible with uTP favoring swarms/clients. Just as an optional option of course. Thanks in advance.

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