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Execute Plugin will not start another batch file on Windows

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Component: Plugin Version: 1.3.15
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When using execute plugin and having this batch file: Test2.bat

@echo off

set torrentid=%1
set torrentname=%2
set torrentpath=%3

Test3.bat %torrentid% %torrentname% %torrentpath% "false"

The execute plugin will never execute the last instruction (aka calling the Test3.bat file)

The content of the Test3.bat file is:

@echo off
set torrentid=%1
set torrentname=%2
set torrentpath=%3

echo Hash du torrent: %torrentid%
echo Nom du torrent: %torrentname%
echo Path du torrent: %torrentpath%
echo Supprimer torrent: %4

@echo Torrent Details:  %torrentname% %torrentpath% %torrentid% %4  >> "%userprofile%\Desktop\execute_script2.log"

When executing manually Test2.bat with some parameters, it works very well and it calls the Test3.bat file. But when executing Test2.bat with "Execute" Deluge plugin, it is not working.

The reason why I'm trying to do this, is because when configuring execute plugin in Deluge, it is not possible to provide extra parameters to our script.

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