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gtkui - spin_share_ratio min clamps to 0.5, should be 0.0

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Just noticed a bug in deluge/ui/gtk3/glade/preferences_dialog.ui:

spin_share_ratio cannot set values lower than 0.5:


  <object class="GtkAdjustment" id="adjustment_share_ratio">
    <property name="lower">0.5</property>

Should be:

  <object class="GtkAdjustment" id="adjustment_share_ratio">
    <property name="lower">0.0</property>

This seems to cause Deluge UI to drop Config change events lower than 0.5, and clamps them above 0.5 (e.g. attempting to set to 0.0 minimum read in console). gtk UI is capping these before transmitting --

* ConfigValueChanged: stop_seed_ratio: 0.5

Web UI on the other hand seems to have a less restrictive clamp, so attempts to set to 0.0 are transmitted to deluged just fine:

* ConfigValueChanged: stop_seed_ratio: 0.0

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comment:1 by yuri_sevatz, 5 years ago

FYI: I found this bug in the 1.x codeline since Gentoo Linux is taking forever to update :(

Though judging by the code, this problem seems to be the same in 2.x. If you need anything more let me know!

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comment:2 by mhertz, 5 years ago

Yes, same in v2.x, and indeed a bug since everything else doesn't have a set limit, i.e console, core.conf or webui. I use pretty much only consoleui, and so if going into GTKUI just to check something quickly, then when quiting GTKUI I have a changed stop_seed_ratio setting. We'll, it only happens if opening preferences in GTKUI, but regardless, that is what I usually do(to configure plugins or check a setting and such).

This is also not done in e.g qbittorrent etc.

I myself found and made the manual fix also posted here, which works in deluge2 also. Thanks in advance.

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