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Torrent Preview On Magnet Links & Tracker Management

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Component: Unknown Version: 1.3.15
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When downloading magnet links, please add a preview option where you can select the list of files you want to download and skip the ones you don't want to download in the new update that is in development. In utorrent, if we click on magnet links and wait a few seconds, the list of files appears and we can select which ones to download and which ones to skip. However, this is not possible with deluge. . Also one more thing. There is an option for adding trackers named "Edit Trackers". Through this option, we can add extra trackers to torrents. We can select multiple torrents and add trackers to all of them or that is how it should be working but it is not. Screenshot: 1) 2) 3)

In the screenshots above, you'll see after adding trackers to all the torrents, if we click on Edit trackers again it shows that all the trackers have been added. But after selecting a random torrent and clicking Edit Trackers, the trackers have not been added. There is a plugin called default trackers that lets us add trackers to any new torrent automatically and that actually works but I also use private torrent sites and this automatic adding option becomes a bit of pain because to add a private torrent in the list I have to delete the trackers from the automatic add option, and again re-add them when I need it. I ask the developers to fix this issue as well. . For further inquiry please visit this link from deluge forum. This may help a bit to verify the existence of the problem. .

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