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Socks5 proxy client orphaning connections

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Component: Unknown Version: 2.0.3
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Deluge is throwing

Jan 22 11:34:49 CAPTAINJACK deluged[248530]: 11:34:49 [ERROR   ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :1132] Unable to save torrents.fastresume: [Errno 24] Too many open files: '/home/jacob/.config/deluge/state/torrents.fastresume.tmp'
Jan 22 11:37:59 CAPTAINJACK deluged[248530]: 11:37:59 [ERROR   ][deluge.core.torrentmanager    :1132] Unable to save torrents.fastresume: [Errno 24] Too many open files: '/home/jacob/.config/deluge/state/torrents.fastresume.tmp'

at the wall like crazy and lsof shows a bunch of IPv4 connections stuck in CLOSE_WAIT.

deluged 248530 jacob  826u     IPv4            4966554       0t0       TCP localhost:56804->localhost:1086 (CLOSE_WAIT)
jacob@CAPTAINJACK:~/docker$ lsof -p 248530 2>/dev/null | grep CLOSE_WAIT | wc -l

I've configured deluged to use a socks5 proxy on port 1086, so I suspect the proxy support is what causes this error. The proxy is up and working fine when I test it with curl -x

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Can confirm. A lot of zombie CLOSE_WAIT connections amass when Deluge is running or a while with a Socks5 proxy configured, eventually breaking transfers with "Too many open files". The proxy itself still works fine in my case aswell.

I cannot say for certain if this is a Deluge or libtorrent issue tho.

deluged 1.3.15-2 on Debian 10, libtorrent-rasterbar9 1.1.11-2

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