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enhanced ability for exchaning data with other applications, especially in bulk

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The graphical interface has limited support for moving torrent information into and out of other applications.

A few noticeable limitations include the following:

  1. Ability to add torrent from magnet link in clipboard only at a time, even though other applications support line separators in clipboard text.
  2. Inability to copy magnet link of torrent from application to clipboard.
  3. Inability to export torrent file from application.
  4. Inability to copy conveniently title of torrent, and complete inability to copy titles of multiple torrents, to clipboard.

A few suggested enhancements include the following:

  • Using "Add torrent", add multiple torrents through single operation from clipboard text containing multiple magnet links on separate lines.
  • In popup menu for torrent list, add actions for copying title to clipboard, and for copying magnet link to clipboard, supporting values for multiple torrents, each on separate line.
  • Also in the same popup menu, support option for exporting torrent file.

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