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Allow mapping local (deluge-gtk) and remote (deluged) paths

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When using the GTK UI in Thin Client mode, file pickers allow you to select files from a local file system, not the remote one where all your stuff is actually stored. If you have the remote file system mounted locally (through a SMB share, NFS mount, etc), it'd be nice to be able to map local paths to remote ones.

For example, if you run Deluge on a server where it downloads and manages files under /downloads, and that remote server FS is mounted on /mnt/server, you should be able to configure mapping /mnt/server/downloads -> /downloads in the Connection Manager.

This mapping would affect the following parts in the GTK UI:

  • Add Torrents -> Options tab -> Download and Move Complete Folders
  • Preferences -> Downloads -> Download Folders
  • Preferences -> Other -> GeoIP Database (maybe?)
  • Torrent Menu -> Move Download Folder UI
  • Torrent Details -> Options tab -> Move Completed

It would be nice to do the same if was to be implemented.

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