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Blocked on Windows 11 by Smart App Control

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Component: Core Version: 2.1.0
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deluge-2.1.1-win64-setup.exe (and potentially others) are not signed properly signed, and therefore prevented from running on machines where Smart App Control is set to enabled.

Smart App Control is a new feature of Windows 11 that is set to "audit" mode by default. If W11 determines that the user works fine with it enabled, or if it's enabled for security reasons, deluge-2.1.1-win64-setup.exe is blocked.

While it is possible to disable Smart App Control, once disabled it cannot be re-enabled without re-installing windows.

In order to allow your software to be ran with Smart App Control enabled, you must sign your app with a valid certificate.

While this could be considered a major bug due to complete inability to use the program, Smart App Control itself is usually opt-in. If a user who recently installed Windows 11 attempts to run deluge, it will work as normal and Smart App Control will determine that they are not a good candidate for this extra layer of security and will automatically be disabled. The only times this should be an issue is if the user has manually opted in, or if the user has not installed deluge or other unverified programs for an extended period of time resulting in the feature being enabled automatically.

For security reasons, I will be opting into Smart App Control. While I trust Deluge, I am not willing to re-install my entire windows operating system in the future to re-enable Smart App Control. I would grateful if the team could please sign their executables.

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