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Deluge not uploading at max allowed bandwidth

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I am a satisfied user of Deluge on Ubuntu 7.10. Deluge was recently upgraded to as part of an automatic upgrade --- presumably from the Ubuntu backports repository. This is when the following issues seems to have arisen.

First some background. I download files from two sources. One of these sources maintains a strict requirement for a ratio of total downloads to uploads (call this A). The other source has no such credit system (call this one B). I am therefore eager to favor uploads to A, when possible.

At the present time I have two active torrents, one for each of the aforementioned sources. I have total uploads capped at 80kb/s. The torrent on A is seeding and the torrent on B is downloading. I would be satisfied with any kind of upload split between the two torrents, e.g. 40kb/s on each torrent. However, the torrent on A is getting 0kb/s and the torrent on B is getting 30kb/s. If I pause B, the A torrent goes immediately to 80kb/s. If I resume B, A goes back to 0kb/s. 100% repeatable.

I have tried to throttle B down to, say 5kb/s. to no avail. Any activity on B causes A to stop uploading.

The two torrents had been running for several days before the upgrade to so I can say with very high confidence that this behavior is new and was brought on by the upgrade.

Thanks for your efforts.


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I have studied this more carefully and I need to post a partial retraction.

The behavior I described did not start with the upgrade to In the very least, when I downgraded deluge-torrent back to the package in Ubuntu 7.10, the bad behavior I described did not go away. I am very surprised because I definitely did not notice this before.

It should be kept in mind that when I upgraded to, many other packages were upgraded. Is it possible that one of these packages is at fault? I would be happy to investigate further downgrades if it might be helpful.

I am currently running btdownloadcurses process alongside Deluge to try to ensure that the package I need to be seeding from is given priority. That should do the trick but I will post if something surprising is revealed.



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You could try setting your upload slots to unlimited.

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First: I am back at

Good idea. I had set maximum connections to 100 (don't know why) and when I set it to unlimited the number of connections immediately shot up to 250. This made a difference, but not the difference I wanted. The torrent from source B started uploading at a faster rate (it would only go to 30kb/s before but now is between 60 and 80). Unfortunately, the torrent from source A is still being locked out. Remember that I would like to be favoring uploads to A.

In fact, I now have three torrents going from source A (two of them seeding) and none of them are able to upload because of the torrent from B.

In summary. Allowing unlimited connections causes B to utilize bandwidth better, but does not change the central problem of B locking out A.

Question: Is there some kind of a difference in tracker setup which could be causing this behavior? The tracker on B seems to be engaged in some kind of tit-for-tat (if I throttle down upload rate to B it seems that download rates suffers) whereas A is subscription based and only cares about the ratio of total uploads to total downloads.

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Update: It has been a few hours since I made the suggested change to the upload slots setting and time has healed the situation -- go figure. Torrents on A are now uploading just fine. This in spite of my doing an "Update Tracker" on all of the torrents during my experimentation a few hours ago.

Conclusion: Operator error. I had too few slots open to service the traffic on the torrents.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth.

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