11:47 Ticket #764 (Go to Website button) created by obo
the button: go to website that appear to notify the new version don't work.
09:22 Ticket #763 (Invalid tracker host in left-side panel (trackers list)) created by anonymous
Torrents where tracker name similar "example.org.ru" displayed as …
05:06 Changeset [d727a5]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@…>
Updated for new year


20:16 Ticket #762 (Better Console UI) created by anonymous
Hi. Better console UI (e.g. ncurses) should be great!
16:55 Ticket #761 (White and unreadable sidepane when using dark themes) created by anonymous
This is what happens under Gnome (Ubuntu 8.10) when using a dark theme …
11:14 Ticket #742 (Add GTK UI over SSH to ThinClient UserGuide) closed by johnnyg
10:23 Faq edited by johnnyg
fixed code being treated as link (diff)
10:20 Faq edited by johnnyg
added deluge isn't working faq (diff)
10:09 Faq edited by johnnyg
10:08 Faq edited by johnnyg
added settings location faq and simplified restore settings faq (diff)
10:05 Faq edited by johnnyg
updated faq title (diff)
04:22 Ticket #760 (Changed filenames don't save) created by eatsleepgame@…
Whenever I change a filename in a torrent and restart Deluge, the …
03:34 Changeset [3cccd2]deluge-1.1.1 by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
Tag 1.1.1 release
03:21 Changeset [eca8ce] by Marcos Pinto <markybob@…>
lang sync
02:51 Changeset [20751de]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
ltsync 3211
02:51 Changeset [6847db] by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
ltsync 3211
02:17 Changeset [24e526]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
Revert unintended change
02:10 Changeset [e8d75c] by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
lt sync 3209
02:10 Changeset [569737]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
lt sync 3209
00:33 Changeset [2de480] by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@…>
Prep for release
00:06 Ticket #759 (deluge daemon segfault) created by Gio
Sometimes when i am downloading the deluged stopped with this error in …
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