22:45 Ticket #777 (deluge crashed with IOError in _print()) created by anonymous
Origionally reported on Launchpad: …
22:18 Changeset [c41303]deluge-1.1.2 by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Tag 1.1.2 release
21:27 Changeset [0cc4ef] by Marcos Pinto <markybob@dipconsultants.com>
version bump
21:16 Changeset [27cf34f]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Marcos Pinto <markybob@dipconsultants.com>
trunk lang sync
21:14 Changeset [c5e5a3] by Marcos Pinto <markybob@dipconsultants.com>
lang sync for release
20:58 Changeset [8a5aa3] by Marcos Pinto <markybob@dipconsultants.com>
release prep
20:53 Ticket #776 (Crash: _cairo_error: Assertion `(status != CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS && ...) created by crosser@average.org
When the GTK GUI is started/was running while a new torrent was just …
02:38 Ticket #775 (Typo in German GTK interface) closed by markybob
wontfix: feel free to fix it yourself...the translations are kept up by the …


19:26 Changeset [27937e2]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
import stat as it's used in generating ssl keys
14:09 Changeset [c6439e]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
add a list_methods method so a javascript json-client can be built for …
11:10 Ticket #775 (Typo in German GTK interface) created by jakevanderkolk@gmail.com
Version 1.1.1 (also valid for Version 1.1.0) Using the GTK interface …
06:50 Ticket #773 (deluged consistently uses far too much CPU time) updated by anonymous
Thanks for telling me. The Gentoo devs still have versions newer than …
04:15 Ticket #773 (deluged consistently uses far too much CPU time) closed by markybob
invalid: this is a bug in boost 1.35, not deluge. upgrade boost, recompile …
03:07 Changeset [b3b856]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix double-clicking on host entry to connect
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