22:55 Ticket #982 (Seed/Peer Ratio) created by anonymous
Seed/Peer? Ratio column and just more columns in general.
18:51 Changeset [016e99]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Add a dep to the apt-get list
18:13 Changeset [34def2]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix typo
18:10 Changeset [a8b832]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
If a exported method returns a deferred, the rpcserver will now wait …
16:01 Ticket #830 (add multiuser ti WebUI) closed by johnnyg
duplicate: #956
15:55 Ticket #816 (Overall poorness of the WebUI) closed by johnnyg
15:52 Ticket #818 (recheck torrent while in progress causes daemon crash) closed by johnnyg
15:40 Changeset [85c32f]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Use stored last_update for conditional get.
15:29 Changeset [8e69a8]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Begin rewrite of blocklist (core) using twisted.
08:23 Changeset [d317d5]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
update the sudo apt-get install line
04:16 Changeset [0c0cfa]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Clean-up the tests and add some new ones
04:10 Changeset [883e61]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix deregister_handler
03:48 Changeset [b9a2bf7]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Write out the new auth file right away and do not re-read the file if …


13:56 Changeset [bbb087]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
suppress only deprecation warnings
13:51 Changeset [74627f6]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
use only "twisted" in the module arg as that suppresses all warnings …
13:49 Changeset [958c63]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
suppress depreciation warnings generated by twisted
13:45 Changeset [65697f]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
remove unnecessary import
10:02 Changeset [d3d991]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Added support for sending headers when using download_file. Allows …
08:45 Changeset [d592c0]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
HTTPDownloader now "raises" a PageRedirect? error when it encounters a …
05:41 Ticket #981 (email notification locks deluge ui client) created by anonymous
Enabling the email notification option in Deluge, no matter what …
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