15:59 Ticket #989 (Automatically add OpenBitTorrent as tracker to added torrent) created by valberg@zxff.dk
It would be awesome if there was an option in the preferences where …
15:23 Ticket #988 (file or directory not found - really often) created by anonymous
I'm now using deluge for over a year, still there is a small error …
06:51 Changeset [6a78e5]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Fix race condition when blocklist is up to date. Make import_list …


21:09 Changeset [2b789b]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Better fix for last commit.. AuthManager? will now raise a …
20:00 Changeset [b6793f]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix client.connect() not firing the errback when a login attempt …
11:51 Changeset [66243d]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
allow for the scope to be specified when calling the walkFileTree method
11:36 Changeset [4cefab]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoc@gmail.com>
add a generic method for walking the file tree in the add window
08:29 Ticket #987 (Label seed ratio applies to unfinished torrents) created by anonymous
1. Create a label and set it's seed ratio to 1 2. add new torrent and …
07:05 Changeset [c2e3f3]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Store removed columns' state so that plugin's columns are restored properly
06:51 Changeset [9238fa]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Likewise for Windows close/shutdown events
06:50 Changeset [594bc7]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Have the gnome "die" signal call gtk.main_quit instead of shutdown
06:49 Changeset [c53af6]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Fix status reporting.
06:38 Changeset [b3a3b9]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix loading old configs with version numbers
06:29 Changeset [2909e2]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix restoring vpaned position when window is maximized Fix stopping …
05:18 Changeset [efa125]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Andrew Resch <andrewresch@gmail.com>
Fix starting plugins when enabled
04:54 Changeset [cdddc3]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Put string conversion from last commit in correct place.
04:40 Changeset [1f2072]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by John Garland <johnnyg@gmail.com>
Make sure last_update is an ascii encoded string.
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