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06:08 Ticket #1247 (deluge-gtk hangs on shutdown) created by johnnyg
Arch Linux (2.6.33) x86_64 strace shows it hanging on: […] This …
04:45 Plugins/Blocklist edited by johnnyg
00:44 Changeset [4de8e5]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
remove some accidental alerts
00:42 Changeset [a3d9b93]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
register the execute plugin
00:40 Changeset [7e1222]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
create a plugin registration system to allow for plugin loading on the …


23:43 Changeset [bf2fc64]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
remove an unrequired function() wrapping
23:38 Ticket #713 (WebUI Label Button Missing) closed by damoxc
wontfix: I'm closing this as wontfix as this relates to the old web interface, …
23:36 Ticket #1243 (WebUI doesn't populate files tab properly on windows server) closed by damoxc
fixed: This issue has been fixed in master.
23:34 Changeset [3fdfed]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
revert previous change, we want remove_script to throw an error if the …
22:48 Changeset [01e847]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
fix the execute plugin disabling and change the namespace of the …
22:47 Changeset [501626]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
fix plugin disabling
22:43 Changeset [ade5f5]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
don't raise an error if the script isn't in the resource
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18:30 Changeset [8b7c16]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
fix the execute plugins webui section
18:30 Changeset [2376e8]2.0.xdevelopextjs4-port by Damien Churchill <damoxc@gmail.com>
fix up the deluge-web plugin interface
18:26 Ticket #1246 (With every restart deluge loses some torrent label's) created by simonbcn
With every restart of deluged daemon, most of my torrents lose the …
18:12 Ticket #1245 (deluge-console: Error getting torrent info) closed by simonbcn
fixed: Yes, it's ok now.
09:37 Ticket #1245 (deluge-console: Error getting torrent info) created by simonbcn
00:00 Ticket #1214 (Reorder priority menu items) closed by trac-robot
This ticket was closed automatically by the system. It was previously …
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