23:16 Ticket #1346 (Add second sorting order option for torrents in list (by name)) closed by Cas
23:16 Ticket #2029 (Multisort Main columns) closed by Cas
fixed: This functionality has actually been implemented in git master.
22:55 Ticket #1952 (Tracker, DHT and Peer Exchange information tab) closed by Cas
duplicate: Duplicate of #1015
22:35 Ticket #1321 (UPnP/NAT-PMP does not reopen ports when closed) closed by Cas
duplicate: #2122 is a bit more descriptive of the issue
22:31 Ticket #1970 ([Feature Request] Sort by Date Completed) closed by Cas
duplicate: Duplicate of #607
22:09 Ticket #2211 (Cannot disable downloading of individual files) closed by gazpachoking
fixed: This is now fully fixed in master.
22:07 Changeset [289730]2.0.xdevelop by Chase Sterling <chase.sterling@gmail.com>
Make sure prioritize first/last doesn't enable pieces in a file marked …
21:58 Ticket #930 (Recently used folders to move storage) closed by Cas
duplicate: Implementation in #2312
21:38 Ticket #1840 (Implement last seen complete [Torrent Status]) closed by Cas
fixed: Fixed: [http://git.deluge-torrent.org/deluge/commit/?id=1d34d5f6a5
21:32 Changeset [1d34d5]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
Fix #1840 : Refactor last_seen_complete code
20:30 Ticket #1813 (Add DHT, PEX, LSD and trackers peers stats, like in qBittorrent.) closed by Cas
duplicate: Tracker tab ticket #1813
20:20 Ticket #1451 (Proxy support for http connections) closed by Cas
duplicate: More detailed discussion: #2105
18:31 Ticket #2137 (Add announce_ip support) closed by Cas
duplicate: Duplicate: #1384


15:55 Plugins edited by Cas
Add plugin webui support info (diff)
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