23:56 Changeset [04bc23]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
Change Web interface to fork by default Implemented to match the …
23:20 Changeset [a60dc9]2.0.xdevelop by bendikro <bendikro@gmail.com>
Fixed tests: sessionproxy/torrent/tracker_icon * Fixed sessionproxy …
15:45 Ticket #2319 (Leak in webui) updated by Calum
Please can you provide exact details of which process is causing the …
15:16 Ticket #2319 (Leak in webui) updated by Richard
Given that I leave my browser open all the time with about 10 other …
14:20 Ticket #2319 (Leak in webui) updated by Calum
Are talking about chromium or deluge-web?
09:28 Ticket #2272 (deluged segfaults within few minutes after start) updated by tremby
Cc changed
I'm getting the same crash, many times per day.
04:24 Changeset [607be4]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
Fix and update tests
04:24 Changeset [4dd630]2.0.xdevelopdeluge-2.0.0.dev0 by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
Add get_version script to automate release versions (PEP386 naming)


23:38 Ticket #2319 (Leak in webui) created by Richard
If I leave the webui running in a tab on chromium for a few hours, it …
20:37 Ticket #2318 (Update PPA for raring) closed by Richard
invalid: Sorry, didn't read properly. I'll disable my ppa since the latest is …
20:23 Ticket #2318 (Update PPA for raring) reopened by Richard
But it's not in the raring PPA. From the PPA's page: […] Notice …
20:21 Ticket #2318 (Update PPA for raring) closed by Calum
invalid: 1.3.6 is already the latest: …
20:13 Ticket #2318 (Update PPA for raring) created by Richard
Ubuntu Raring (13.04) was released last week, could we get an update …
20:12 Ticket #2295 (Persistant store of WebUI display settings) updated by Richard
Cc changed
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