19:16 Changeset [5e2f6b]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
Update comment and flake8 listview.py
19:16 Changeset [881da4]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[GTKUI] Fix column added after restore order func
18:51 Changeset [7597ba] by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#2372 [GTKUI] 'Ratio' column will not retain position This is a …
18:08 Contributing/CodingStyle edited by Cas
18:06 Contributing/CodingStyle edited by Cas
18:05 Contributing/CodingStyle edited by Cas
add docstring and quotes (diff)
17:38 Changeset [9290cc]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
Fix building the code documentation with sphinx Updated Sphinx conf …
17:21 Development/Documentation created by Cas
new docs wiki page
04:46 Changeset [c64da3]2.0.xdevelop by Chase Sterling <chase.sterling@…>
Fix missing import, pep8


19:06 Ticket #2373 (Deluge won't start on OS Mavericks) closed by Cas
Fixed: Fixed 1.3-stable: [41f1ad9f5f6]
19:04 Development/Packaging/OSX edited by Cas
update to rst readme (diff)
19:03 Changeset [fff75b]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#2373 [OSX] Fix laucher scripts for single leading slash path On …
19:00 Changeset [41f1ad] by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#2373 [OSX] Fix laucher scripts for single leading slash path On …
11:29 Ticket #2319 (Leak in webui) closed by Cas
10:50 Ticket #1848 (Split Up ALL glade files) closed by Cas
10:42 Plan/libtorrent edited by Cas
add orig_files (diff)
10:34 Ticket #1851 (freespace plugin) closed by Cas
10:31 Ticket #1186 (Integrated RSS Plugin) closed by Cas
10:30 Plan/libtorrent edited by Cas
10:27 Ticket #1605 (web UI causes 100% (very high) CPU usage) closed by Cas
10:20 Changeset [eb804c]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
Remove debug log line from prev commit
10:07 Ticket #1679 (Add confimation to "Remove with data") closed by Cas
00:07 Ticket #2382 (Deluge install on mac not working) closed by Cas
00:02 Ticket #2413 (Add torrent from link doesn't work with split client/server) closed by Cas
00:00 Ticket #2390 (Deluged Crash Upon Adding Torrent) closed by Cas
WorksForMe: Retest with latest versions of Deluge and libtorrent.
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