21:20 Changeset [fd9e68]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[Tests] Place logfiles from py.test run in _pytest_temp
16:25 Ticket #2828 (Missing imports after packaging) closed by Cas
Fixed: Fixed in develop: [6971e08b0] and 1.3-stable: [1a11e085b27]
16:24 Ticket #2828 (Missing imports after packaging) reopened by Cas
Ah so this is an issue in packaging with bbfreeze script, then it has …
16:23 Changeset [1a11e0] by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#2828 [Packaging] Fix ImportError? with setuptools version > 18.8
16:21 Changeset [6971e0]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#2828 [Packaging] Fix ImportError? with setuptools version > 18.8
15:07 Ticket #2807 (WebUI broken under setup.py install) closed by Cas
Fixed: @Doadin There is no need to do anything with extjs, those last set of …
14:47 Changeset [cea50f]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[WebUI] Print error if minify script encounters error with closure
14:24 Changeset [6ce9f7]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[WebUI] Handle missing script files and fallback to available files …
14:22 Changeset [0f43b5]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[WebUI] Add WebUI build class to setup.py for minifing javascript


20:00 Ticket #2838 (missing ! in ui/console/colors.py line 59) created by haryjustwantstofileabug
root/deluge/ui/console/colors.py line 59 […] is missing the …
10:18 UserGuide/Service/systemd edited by Cas
add mount info (diff)
09:55 Changeset [6bf906]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[Lint] Use a shorter line length for isort
09:23 Ticket #2837 (WebUI gettext created in setup.py at build time) created by Cas
Constantly keeping gettext.js updated is not ideal and it serves no …
09:03 Changeset [983ee7b]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[Tests] Raise minimum isort version to 4.2.5 The use of …
08:53 Changeset [bd7d10]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[Lint] [WebUI] Fix issues raised by closure
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