14:41 Changeset [bd4a3c]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Docs] Update install details and add more pages
14:11 Ticket #3201 (Create Windows package (Py3-GTK3)) updated by Calum
Summary changed
13:51 Ticket #3254 (Migrate Windows version stamping) updated by Calum
Description changed
13:50 Ticket #3254 (Migrate Windows version stamping) created by Calum
Need to move from using pywin32 to alternative method if using mingw …
13:42 Ticket #3049 (msys/mingw deluge install on Windows) updated by Calum
Keywords changed
13:41 Ticket #2992 ([Win32] Resolve empty value fields issue by updating attached GTK +) closed by Calum
13:03 Ticket #3253 (macOS GdkQuartzWindow set timestamp) created by Calum
Testing on macOS revealed that the timestamp getting and setting that …
12:00 Changeset [3cfa39]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[macOS] Fix GTK windowing issues On macOS the Quartz windowing is …


23:15 Changeset [a3b6d8]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Appveyor] Switch to Python 3.6 - Change build from Python 2.7 to …
17:01 Changeset [7e3692]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Docs] Fix missing path in RTD config
16:48 Changeset [aa3a9a]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Docs] Update readthedocs config - Add the missing package install so …
13:14 Changeset [0f92ea]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Travis] Remove Python2 tests
11:12 Changeset [260d55]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Travis] Fix getting version from git tags Travis clones the git repo …
10:39 Changeset [a9609a]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Docs] Fix ReadTheDocs config path
10:15 Changeset [a8fac1]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@gmail.com>
[Packaging] Cleanup README for Pypi - Set a minimal Python version …
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