21:22 Ticket #3440 (charset should be ignored for application/x-bittorrent) closed by Cas
Fixed: Yeah I see what you mean and agree we should only be re-encoding text …
21:18 Changeset [4d9707]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#3440 Fix httpdownloader reencoding torrent file downloads Torrent …
21:18 Ticket #3418 (Deluge fails to schedule torrent provided by DelugeSiphon Chrome Plugin) closed by Cas
Duplicate: Duplicate of #3440
21:16 Ticket #3424 (deluged: dictionary changed size during iteration) closed by Cas
Fixed: Fixed in develop: [ed4bc5fa17]
19:57 Ticket #3368 (Viewing peers causes UnicodeDecodeErrors) closed by Cas
18:00 Ticket #3441 (Torrent Info : Horizontal View (patch)) closed by Cas
Fixed: I have set it back to top but also added a user menu option to set the …
17:29 Changeset [f331b6]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
[GTKUI] Fix torrentdetails tab bar position not saving The GTKUI …
15:22 Changeset [102244]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
#3441|GTKUI Add a torrentdetails tabs position menu The tabs …
14:11 Changeset [291540]2.0.xdevelop by Calum Lind <calumlind+deluge@…>
Hide pygame community banner in console Notifications plugin uses …
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