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Before Reporting a Bug

  • Make sure you are using the latest stable version: 2.0.3
  • Check the FAQ

Search for existing Issues

Distribution Bugs for Deluge:

libtorrent (rasterbar) Bugs:

Collect Bug Information

You will need most of the following information when reporting a bug:

Note: If you are using Client and Daemon you may need information from both.

  • Version Information:
    • Deluge
    • libtorrent
    • Operating System
    • Browser (if using WebUI)
  • Steps involved to reproduce the bug
  • Installation type: source, package or installer
  • Debug Logs or the full output of any errors
  • Screenshots can be helpful for gui issues
  • Backtrace using gdb may be required for hard crashes of Deluge (crash without error). Here is a deluged example:
       gdb --args python /usr/bin/deluged -d
       (gdb) run
       ## After Crash ##
       (gdb) backtrace

Reporting a bug

The bug ticket system we use is called Trac. Sign up if you haven't already.

Note: The Trac user account is separate to the Forum user account.

  1. Create a new bug ticket
  2. Fill in the boxes, making sure the following are completed:
    • Summary: Short description of issue
    • Description: Include the steps to reproduce and other collected information, use {{{ }}} markup for pasting code or errors.
    • Version: Deluge version
    • Component: Best guess as to where the problem occurs
  3. Attach any logs, screenshots or patches