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Before Reporting a Bug

  • Install the latest stable version of Deluge: 2.1.1

Search for existing issues

Frequently questions from users often relate to already fixed or known about bugs in Deluge so please search before asking.

Ask your Question Effectively

Two links that provide helpful generic tips for reporting software problems.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
How to Report Bugs Effectively

Collect Bug Information

You will need the following information when reporting a bug (at a minimum version):

  • Version Information:
    • Deluge
    • libtorrent
    • Operating System
    • Browser (if using WebUI)
    • Plugins enabled
    • Language in use (if not in English)
  • Installation type: source, package or installer
  • Precise steps to reproduce the bug.
  • Logs either error level is usually fine
  • Information of any errors or traces.
  • Config files.
  • Screenshots and screencasts are helpful for GUI issues.

Note: If you are using Client and Daemon you may need version or logs from both.

Hard crashes of Deluge (or libtorrent)

A backtrace using gdb may be required for hard crashes of Deluge (crashes without an obvious error in Deluge logs).

Here is a deluged example:

   gdb --args python /usr/bin/deluged -d
   (gdb) run
   ## After Crash ##
   (gdb) thread apply all backtrace

Opening a Bug Ticket

The bug ticket system we use is called Trac. Sign up if you haven't already.

If you encounter a register Captcha Error see:

Note: The Trac user account is separate to the Forum user account.

  1. Create a new bug ticket
  2. Fill in the boxes, making sure the following are completed:
    • Summary: Short description of issue
    • Description: Include the steps to reproduce and other collected information, use {{{ }}} markup for pasting code or errors.
    • Version: Deluge version
    • Component: Best guess as to where the problem occurs
  3. Attach any logs, screenshots or patches

External bug trackers

These sites also track bugs relating to Deluge or libtorrent.

libtorrent (rasterbar) Bugs: